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I ❤️LOVE ❤️connecting with people and sharing ideas! In that spirit, I’ve created these short videos in efforts to share thoughts, ideas and just begin to get to know each other! Let’s spark some conversation and cultivate courage together in the business of private practice!!

When you’re ready to invest in your own practice, whatever the issue, you are not alone. I’m here!


I LOVE sharing some simple ideas that will bring big benefit to you and your practice!! In this video, let's talk about building relationships for your referral sources - primary care providers. One question I during my business coaching sessions with clinicians ALL THE TIME is "how do I get past the front desk in doctor offices!?" It requires building relationships and credibility....and if you're not doing "continuity of care" calls to establish an open line of communication with your clients' other providers - you're missing a HUGE opportunity to get a more wholistic treatment plan for your clients but ALSO it's a HUGE miss on building your referral network!! Need help on how to do this - then let's chat more!!

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l'm so excited to be here with you all at The Primed Practice!! My mission is to empower amazing clinicians, just like you, to be confident business owners! Whether it's creating your brand, marketing, networking, business planning or increasing your business acumen & MORE, you DESERVE to feel as confident in the business of private practice as you do in your clinical prowess! ✨I cannot wait to cultivate courage with you in the BUSINESS of private practice!! ✨

⭐️Ready to build your business acumen up, so you can feel as confident as a business owner as you do as a clinician!? 🎉 You're in the right place!! Sometimes when we don't feel like we have have the all the skills or knowledge about the BUSINESS side of private practice, we don't put as much intentional energy in that direction (fear gets in the way). At The Primed Practice, I believe we cultivate courage as we equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge we need as business owners in private practice. And when we grow courage, we stay engaged. And when we are engaged, we are PRIMED to FLOURISH!

👋🏻So nice to meet you! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, as I know it can be overwhelming to select someone with whom to work. Whether it's for personal development or professional coaching and consulting, there are lots of choices! I wanted to share this bit with you so you can get to know me as you are searching for the right "fit" (in my opinion, it's one of THE MOST important factors to consider). I appreciate you stopping by! Know I'm happy to have a chat to answer any questions! 💌

The "business" part of private practice is usually overlooked in our training as clinicians. For example, thinking about marketing can spark fear in many of us...and when we're fearful we generally take NO action or run the other direction!! Instead of letting fear stop us, what if it could be used as fuel? 🤔Let's talk about "friending fear" as a pathway to get the knowledge, tools and confidence we need to have a flourishing private practice...

⏰ ⏳ Are you spending too much time & energy trying to SELL yourself and your practice? 👉🏼 Marketing is about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, 🚫NOT CONVINCING people! 🌟 Let's chat about how to invest your energy to grow your practice with your ideal clients!

🎉 I just wanna say THANK YOU for all the excitement AND support for 📘 The Primed Planner .....AND show you a glimpse of the prototype!! 👀 📕

Don't miss this fun flip-thru of The Primed Planner!! Come see ALL the layouts, ALL the colors and ALL the POWERFUL PRODUCTIVITY in this planner, created for YOU!! Please share if you know someone who'll love it!!

Come #planwithme this month! When I’m coaching with clinicians, many share how they get overwhelmed when they even think about planning their time/tasks and writing it all down. I get it!! So I created this video to give you a quick glimpse into my approach!! I hope it gets you inspired and PRIMED!!

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