Your Passion + Plans = PROFIT$!

Tired of feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your private practice? The marketing, the networking, the business planning…. all while trying to take care of yourself. It’s a lot.

It's time to invest in the only therapist planner that gives you a framework to keep moving towards your private practice goals!

YES, Please!
The Primed Planner | The premier therapist planner for clinicians!

The premier therapist planner!

Why The Primed Planner, you ask?


⭐️  Achieve your goals

⭐️  Prioritize effectively

⭐️  Align with your core values (hello, game changer!!)

⭐️  Grow your referral network

⭐️  Get (and stay) organized 

⭐️  Manage your schedule (instead of it managing YOU!)

⭐️  Show-up intentionally

I Need This!




FLEXIBILITY is a beautiful thing!!  With the DISC PUNCHED edition of The Primed Planner™️ you have the freedom to add and remove pages as you see fit!  You'll get ALL the same amazing planning & calendar tools as the wire-o edition; simply use your own discs, and create a custom creation all your own!!

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Private practice is a lot more than doing therapy... 

Even the most motivated clinicians can feel overwhelmed by all the things required to keep a practice up and running. Grad school teaches you how to be an excellent therapist...but what about the business side of things?  Great news....The Primed Planner™️ is THE tool to help you stay organized and keep your private practice moving forward in an authentic way!

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." ~ Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

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You Feel...

  • Overwhelmed or paralyzed with all the things that need to be done in the business of your private practice:
    • Marketing
    • Networking
    • Following-up on loose ends
    • Continuing Education
    • Scheduling
    • Finances
    • Not to mention your own self-care!
  • Disorganized - like you may be missing some important things (or better yet, you know you're avoiding certain things that would certainly help you grow your private practice).
  • Discouraged because the "to-do" list just keeps getting longer.
  • Worried about getting more of your dream clients in the door.

You Want...

  • Structure around your priorities and tasks so you can build your dream practice faster.
  • The ability to focus and know you are taking action in the "right" areas to move closer towards achieving your goals.
  • Confidence in how you manage, market and grow your private practice.
  • Alignment with your values so you grow your referral relationships and entire business in a way that is authentic!
  • Honor & reward for the important work you do every day with every client!  You chose this path due to a deep rooted passion.

You'll Get...

A Clear Framework!

  • Annual Roadmap - Plan your year; Prime your success!
  • Quarterly Curiosity - Check your progress at each milestone.
  • Monthly Business Planning - Be intentional & engaged with your goals every month.
  • Monthly 2-Page Calendar - Laminated, tabbed pages for the monthly view.
  • Weekly 2-Page Layout - Keep your schedule organized & prioritized to achieve your goals!

Accountability! Document your plans & progress to get PRIMED. Easily track & measure your progress so you can "adjust the sails" as needed.

Results!  Take small actions often & stay engaged with your business so you're set up for success!

I'm very picky about planners and love this one. I like that the day is broken out by hours, that there's a place to mark my top priorities for the week, that it helps me remember to take a moment to focus on gratitude every week, etc. It's just exceptionally well done. I run two businesses and homeschool so I keep a little on the busy side-having somewhere that I can both include the details of my schedule and keep an eye on the "big picture" is important.”


Need the framework but don't want the "calendaring" parts:

Get The Primed Planner™️ 

Printable Pages

Get the same amazing tools in a printable PDF format but without the "calendaring" parts!!  Print 'em as you need 'em and stay PRIMED!! 

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Never miss a thing! Grab these 


Make the most important items "pop" on your planner pages!  Created with the perfect dimensions for The Primed Planner™️, keep everything from Vacation, CEU's, CEO Work, Admin Time, Blogging, Social Media and more clearly on your radar!! 

You're going to want to stock up!

The Primed Planner™️ is designed to be the one place to keep track of #allthethings while helping you stay on top of your big goals and dreams.

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You started your private practice because of a deep passion. Don't let stuck happen now!! Come join us and make it happen. ✅

See you on the inside, my friend!!

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Nov 04, 2021

A fresh perspective can go a LONG way, y'all...


Come dive into my blogs!!  You'll learn some of my favorite hacks & approaches, get ideas and inspire your motivation for planning and GETTING your GOALS!


Nov 30, 2021

"I just wanted to shout out and repeat thanks for the excellent customer service, and even better is your product! I love you planner, pages are high quality, heavy enough to make changes several times without bleeding thru! I will be back for another next year, no doubt!"


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