As a private practice owner, you’re everything
from CEO to janitor….

I know you became a clinician with a deep rooted purpose. You are needed in this space. Your clients need you.  
It can be overwhelming though & grad school didn't teach the business of private pracitce! 🌟 THIS 🌟 is exactly why I have a passion for create engagingeffective and fun tools & courses for you!

"A goal without a plan
is just a wish."

With the right tools, you can prime your motivation, start planning your path and break down the action items to build your dream practice! 

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Taking action, DIY style! 

Elevate your marketing skills (lose the schmooze), slay your goals and transform your mindset to create momentum with a self-paced course.

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Custom 1:1 Coaching! 

Your practice deserves the same focused attention that you provide your clients!  I'll guide you in creating a customized action plan to level-up your practice! 

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The premier planner for therapists!

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Clarity helps you build your private practice!

"Minding My Mindset" PDF Playbook: Feeling a little stuck or a bit overwhelmed & unsure what to do next?  Something's stopping you but not ready to invest in coaching just yet?

Whether you find yourself going round-and-round in scarcity mentality, stuck in a fearful cycle or simply unsure of what the next step is in YOUR private practice journey…this is the tool for you!!

“The Primed Planner is an AH-HA tool for ‘helping professionals’! From client scheduling to prompts for essential self-care, this planner packs an excellent array of organizing and beautifully merges professional practice management with professional goal setting. I highly recommend it!”

"You are so awesome!  I just finished module 1 videos and I am working on the homework now...very powerful. Just what I need." 

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""I have implemented so many concepts from our time together and it has been a tremendous help. I give you the highest praise!"

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