“Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”


Are you ready to energize your next event!?

We’ve all been to an event with the expectation of learning something new (hopefully in an engaging and…dare-I-say…fun way). It’s such a disappointment though, if we end up feeling bored or like we wasted time, energy and/or money. Maybe it’s due to lackluster content or a presenter with little personality (like reading from slides, oooh that is a pet-peeve of mine). Maybe it’s because we did not network as much as we had hoped.

If any of that sounds familiar you at all, let me help you ensure no one will leave YOUR next event feeling that way!!

Our organization has had the honor to host Michelle Hardman to present to our staff and local clinicians about her work in the Daring Way and have attended her workshops. She is a captivating speaker with refreshing authenticity. Her expertise in counseling and business along with diverse clinical trainings give her a unique and needed perspective. Michelle does an excellent job of combining her knowledge with practical applications and experiential activities to allow the audience to not only learn, but experience and connect to the material. She has a joyous spirit with a disarming and compassionate personality that cultivates a safe space for her audiences to engage, learn and transform personally and professionally. I would wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Hardman as a presenter, clinician, and consultant.
— Ashley, Pasadena Villa

YES, I really LOVE speaking…

I have always truly enjoyed public speaking (some may think I’m kinda twisted)! My first speaking “engagement” was when I was 16 years old. I was asked to speak at an 8th grade commencement ceremony about being courageous and making good decisions in high school (I’d had a rough year that year, and with the help of an amazing guidance counselor, I came out better on the other side). It was that same guidance counselor who invited me to speak to the incoming class, as she had walked along side me in my own difficult time and witnessed my perseverance and growth. There were about 250 people in attendance and I was so excited to share my thoughts on being courageous and making good decisions as they began their high school career. Fast forward…add 15+ years experience in corporate human resources, where regularly presenting and training people was part of the gig, and I’m still speaking about courage, authenticity and how to leverage that to be your best, flourishing self! As a clinician, a private practice owner and a coach to other clinicians on the business of private practice, I LOVE speaking with groups where we can build not only our knowledge and skills together, but also our professional communities and our confidence in engaging with the business of private practice! I am passionate about bringing authentic energy and heart to any event!


Three Crucial Components Included in Every Event:

Interactive: Confidence in content and presentation acumen are important for an interactive event - I don’t want to be stuck behind a podium or notecards the whole time! I love getting to know participants by name and leveraging the our whole space, so I can interact with as many attendees as possible. Building relationships is a key component for an interactive and successful event…this will NOT be something that’s overlooked when I’m with your group!

Engaging: Keeping people interested and having fun has a lot more to do with just the message being delivered. It has SO much to do with being personable and relatable. Sure, the presenter has to be an expert on the topic at hand and know what she’s talking about, but so much of engagement hinges on a passionate presenter who can share her energy with the crowd - Excitement is contagious!!

Take-Aways: Are you participants walking away with something that is IMMEDIATELY applicable in their lives? This is one component that is imperative to me, when I’m speaking. (To be clear, I’m NOT talking about a copy of the PowerPoint slides!!) We’ve all had that experience where we leave an event, maybe even excited, but then feel lost on where to begin or how to apply what we learned. I want people to walk away not only energized, but equipped with tools for their next steps, after the event. My goal isn’t to just impart knowledge, but also to provide tools with immediate impact and build confidence at every event!

Upcoming Events…

August 21, 2019:   “Being Courageous in the Business of Private Practice”

August 21, 2019: “Being Courageous in the Business of Private Practice”

August 23, 2019:    “Lighting Your Path in the Business of Private Practice”

August 23, 2019:

“Lighting Your Path in the Business of Private Practice”

August 30, 2019:  Podcast recording:  “Your Referral Network Hiding in Plain Sight!”  Stay tuned for air date!!

August 30, 2019: Podcast recording: “Your Referral Network Hiding in Plain Sight!” Stay tuned for air date!!


SE Courage Builders (of The Daring Way)

New Orleans, October 18 -20, 2019: If you are a Daring Way Facilitator you need to join us in New Orleans for the South East Regional Conference!! Hope to see you there!!


October 24, 2019: “Courage in Wellness”

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