Hi, I’m Michelle – private practice owner, licensed therapist, Certified Daring Way Facilitator with an MBA and a love for marketing + planners!

I know how overwhelming it can be to slay the private-practice life! Grad school teaches us all the clinical skills, but doesn’t really touch on the business side of things (which is imperative to grow your private practice).

That’s why I love helping clinicians build their business foundations, develop their marketing skills, and stay organized and focused on what truly matters!

See, I spent the first 15+ years of my professional career using my MBA in HR leadership. I worked with everyone from C-suite executives to frontline managers to create performance plans and set actionable goals. I created non-judgmental, safe spaces for employees and facilitated hard conversations about what’s working and what needs to change.

Now, I get to share those skills, combined with my marketing savvy and private practice knowledge, to help you figure out how to move from stuck to success & FILL your private practice.

My superpower is taking the fear and overwhelm out of the business-side of things so you can grow your private practice!

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You see, I’m kind of a “unicorn” in the clinical world... πŸ¦„

I came into the private practice arena with a different “tool kit,” thanks to my previous life (over 15 years) in corporate human resources leadership and my MBA in strategic management. Within 6 months of establishing my practice my schedule was nearly full! (I didn’t realize how much that different “tool kit” would help me!)  As many of my colleagues witnessed this quick and sustainable growth, they began to open up to me about their own worries & fears about being a private practice owner.  As I listened, I also began getting lots of questions about what my “secret sauce” was.  The truth is, there's no "secret sauce" but there is a very real strategy to grow your private practice! 

I'd love to help you create your strategy!  You're here - are you finally ready!? πŸ’• 

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You’re tired of...
spending countless hours trying to learn everything on your own from Google, YouTube, and endless freebies.

You’re afraid that...
you’ll never have the private practice you’ve dreamed of because it feels too impossible and you’re just too stuck.

You’re ready to...
ditch the overwhelm and embrace intentional action, stop wishing and start doing, and finally see results from all of your hard work.

Can you relate to any of these worries in your private practice journey:
  • “I need more clients but don’t know how to get them.”

  • “I’m not good at selling myself.”

  • “I hate the business part…I just want to help people.”

  • “I feel so drained at the end of the day, I don’t have the energy to network.”

  • “I don’t need a business plan, I need more income!!”

  • “I feel guilty about setting/changing my fees (or charging people for late cancels/no shows.”

    The truth is, there’s no secret sauce! It quickly became evident that I was PRIMED to be a unique resource to coach and encourage my fellow colleagues through my distinctive combination of expertise and experience, fused with my passion for our field. About a year after opening my private practice, I began coaching other clinicians on the “not-so-clinical-side” of private practice.  In subsequent years, and truly exploring the fire in my heart to empower clinicians through expanded awareness, increased business acumen and personalized action plans, The Primed Practice was born! 

    Now, I’d love to help you get PRIMED in the business of your practice too! Bring me a question during a FREE 20 minute call! Let’s spend some time “chewing on it” together. We can go from there…

    Curious?  Let's begin with a free lil' chat...


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