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YAY YOU for being intentional about getting your practice PRIMED!!  To truly be PRIMED, it takes more than just a ‘training here’ or a ‘webinar there’.  To be PRIMED requires on bravery in business.  It demands ongoing, regular choice to engage yourself with your business.  It’s awesome to get training about effectively running a business; however, the occasional training isn’t the kind of ongoing, courageous engagement I’m talking about here.  (Especially when so many of us have an internal dialogue about “not being good at selling myself” or “not being a good business person,” or whatever your go-to self-critical/judgy thought is!)  I’m talking about the kind of engagement that requires curiosity and courage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to be truly active in the business of your practice! 

I found the Primed Planner to be a refreshing as well as an effective way to manage my hectic schedule.
— Carrie

When we start participating in the business regularly, the fear begins to lose power and make more room for courage!!  And it’s with that spirit of intention that you’ll find engaging productivity tools here - from worksheets, templates, planners and more!  Take a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something here that will help you begin or grow more in the ownership of YOUR business! 

Check back soon & often! new items are always in development at The Primed Practice!

The Primed Practice Tools & Products

The Primed Planner is an AH-HA tool for ‘helping professionals’! From client scheduling to prompts for essential self-care, this planner packs an excellent array of organizing and beautifully merges professional practice management with professional goal setting. I highly recommend it!
— Chrissy