I often hear,

“I’m not good at selling myself”
when I am coaching with clinicians…well guess what??


Come learn what marketing private practice is really all about and start FILLING your practice today! 

YES! I need this!

It’s no #spoileralert that we are not taught about marketing in grad school…

So it’s no shock that it’s usually not a topic/task that we are excited about as clinicians, But let’s be honest, as a business owner, without marketing we cannot reach the people we want to help the most!! In this on-demand video course, we are going to fill in the knowledge gap for you…AND we are going to re-imagine what “marketing” for private practice means for your unique self With this approach, marketing no longer feels "gross" & your ideal clients can find YOU!

Tell me more...

Identify & leverage your “WHY” & core values in marketing to find your AUTHENTIC marketing voice.

💫 Attract more IDEAL clients! 

💫 Shed light on all those limiting things you tell yourself (and mute them)! 

💫 Build your practice aligned with YOUR values so marketing tasks feel natural (not clunky and salesy)!

Understand the difference between sales and marketing.

Stop wasting energy trying to convince people to come see you! Instead, learn how to attract your ideal client and articulate how you will provide relief!

Get fundamental knowledge of marketing basics & ⬆️ your confidence:

The four “P’s” of marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion).

Create your action planin real time, as you work through the course!

Prepare your authentic marketing plan and action items as you complete each module.
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  • Three power-packed modules taught by Michelle Hardman, MBA, MEd, NCC, CDWF, LCMHC. (Let me share my MBA and experience building a 6-figure practice with YOU!)
  • Three workbooks (one for each module) so you can begin to re-imagine your marketing mojo in REAL TIME as you progress through each module:

    • Build your ACTION PLAN on top of your awareness and knowledge - step-by-step!!

    • Refer back to this amazing resource as you continue to plan & implement your new approaches.

  • New confidence and refreshed energy in marketing, as you learn to leverage your strengths and core values in your marketing efforts.

➡️ This on-demand video course will be delivered to you via a virtual class room where you can complete the course on your own, at your pace and in your PJ’s if you like!! 😉

➡️ Instructions on how to complete your registration for The Primed Practice Classroom will be emailed to you once you’ve finished the check out process.

✳️ On demand trainings are for your personal, individual use only and not to be shared, reproduced or copied in any way without the express, written permission of the course creator. On demand training purchases are non-refundable and by purchasing this training you agree to these terms.

Get your Marketing Mojo today so you can reach your ideal clients tomorrow!

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