FILL your schedule with dream clients WITHOUT the:

  • Angst!

  • Schmooze!

  • Expense!

YEP, you CAN do it. 

Come learn how to FILL your schedule AND pocket book!

 ⭐️  Learn where the best referrals come from for your practice

⭐️  Understand (and leverage) what forms & fields provide invaluable data to connect with referring providers

⭐️  Finally, know how to get past the front desk at the doctors’ offices

⭐️  Scripted templates to ensure confidence when speaking to other providers

⭐️  Loose the schmooze and show-up authentically

⭐️  PRIMED referral network = PROFIT$!

YES! I need this!

Putting yourself "out there" can be scary.  Especially if you feel like you have to convince people to come see you!  That nasty "ick factor" slimes us sometimes when we are trying to build our referral network.  Am I right!?

"The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us braver each time."  Brené Brown

I created Your Referral Network Hiding in Plain Sight because being a therapist can be tiring enough, you should not have to spend endless energy (and money) on marketing!  You deserve to work in this field you’re so passionate about WITHOUT feeling anxious and schmoozy as you work to “get your name out there!” I have done values-based business coaching over the years with private practice owners/clinicians, and I have heard this from nearly EVERY clinician I’ve worked with.  

I can help you change the ‘marketing cycle’ for your private practice so you can be focused on your passion!

Get started now!  Your future self (and clients) will thank you!

100% of participants in students who have taken this course said they could take immediate action and apply what they learned...getting the results they wanted fast!!

You feel:

  • Worried about how to get more clients in the door
  • Anxious about marketing or how to "put yourself out there"
  • Schmoozy when you are networking with other providers
  • Concerned about the level or consistency of your income
  • Frustrated with how expensive marketing can be
  • Burned out trying to do "all the things" to market your practice 
  • Obligated to take any client that calls 

You want:

  • Confidence about getting new clients in the door
  • Clients you love working with
  • Clarity on how to start/grow YOUR best referral networks
  • To get past the front desk at doctors' offices
  • An authentic approach to filling your practice
  • More income and PROFIT$
  • Awesome results (& ⬆️ 💰) without the anxiety & expense of marketing

You'll get:

  • Roadmap to your dream client (& ideal referral source)
  • Audit checklist to collect & leverage vital information on your intakes, contact forms & EHR to get laser focused on the BEST referral sources! 
  • Scripts & instruction for "Continuity of Care" calls; connect with providers confidently & get RESULTS!
  • Nurturing templates & timelines for developing (and keeping) awesome referrals coming through your doors!

RIGHT NOW, you have all the information you need to build a referral network that will sustain your practice & your profits!

That's right!  In your files, in your EHR, on your intake forms - even potentially on your "contact me" form through your website:  there is a goldmine of amazing data just waiting for you.  

I'm Ready!

"Why didn't grad school teach me how attract the people I want to help?!"

You didn't skip class that day...Grad school skips this topic!  But you do not have to spend all your money (and energy) on expensive marketing tactics!! Instead, build strong, long-lasting relationships with providers who will send your dream clients directly to you!  I'll teach you how!

YES! I need this!

Stay "in-the-know!"

Hey, let's be friends!!  Keep up to date with all the new tools & opportunities to keep your private practice PRIMED!  

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