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There’s NO reason to spend your valuable time spinning your wheels when there are GREAT resources out there for you already….that is why I’ve pulled these resources together for you in ONE SPOT!! Regardless of the topic you’re seeking help with, if I can’t help you then I know someone who can!! Check out all the links below to meet some wonderful folks who offer fantastic resources!!*

Money Matters In Private Practice
With Gordon Brewer (Of The Practice Of Therapy Podcast)

Managing the financial side of private practice can be intimidating and daunting. But we all know Money Matters in Private Practice!! In this course you will learn how to navigate the whole financial side of your practice. From setting fees to learning how to make your practice profitable and sustainable over the long haul.

The things we will cover are:

• Your Money Mindset
• Some Accounting Basics
• Creating a Financial Plan
• Using "Profit First"
• Tracking and Analyzing Your
• Cash Flow
• Automation, Systems &  Processes
• Taxes
• Setting Your Fees
• Diversifying Income Streams
• Preparing For Retirement

If you want to feel good about your private practice finances and feel confident with your money, this course can help!


 Also With Gordon…Bundle And Get More “Bang-For-Your-Resources-Buck!!

Gordon also offers this amazing Money Matters COMBINED IN A BUNDLE with his online training G-Suite for Therapist. This is a winning combo every private practice owner needs!


The Bookkeeping Cure™️ For Therapists, With Alicia Bishop (Of Therapeutic Bookkeeping)

The Bookkeeping Cure™ isn't just a Bookkeeping Spreadsheet that'll make your life easier. Alicia has added lots of bonuses to make sure bookkeeping really, REALLY takes as little time as possible! The Bookkeeping Cure™️ also helps you make sure you're:

• Getting the most of your tax deductions
•  Staying on top of tax due dates
• Truly understand your business finances

So you can finally feel in control of YOUR money!


 The S3 System Trello Board & Video Trainings With Alicia Bishop (Of Therapeutic Bookkeeping)

S3 = Save Time. Save Money. Save your sanity!!

Your Trello Board with Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual To-Do's for Business, Finance, and Taxes…This tool includes detailed templates and checklists for all your bookkeeping and tax to-dos, organized into a simple to follow format so you can get the “biz shiz” done QUICKLY and EASILY!

Your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual to-dos all have their own checklists, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. And all of Alicia’s video trainings will walk you through exactly how to use The S3 System Trello Board for maximum impact. No more confusion. Stop missing deadlines or feeling overwhelmed or unprepared when you follow The S3 System.


Attention DIY’ers!!

Be sure to check out Therapeutic Bookkeeping’s additional resources if you want some more great tools!!


Don’t see what you need here, let’s chat! I’m here! I’m happy to try to point you in the right direction!

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