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There’s NO reason to spend your valuable time spinning your wheels when there are GREAT resources out there for you already….that is why I’ve pulled these resources together for you in ONE SPOT!! Regardless of the topic you’re seeking help with, if I can’t help you then I know someone who can!! Check out all the links below to meet some wonderful folks who offer fantastic resources!!*

Health Crisis Waiver
By Nicol Stolar-Peterson (Of Therapy Court Prep)

Safe-guard your practice from major health concerns including returning to in person sessions after COVID-19. A much needed piece of documentation that can create some peace-of-mind for everyone involved. And only $25!!


Copy & Paste Court Policy 2.0
By Nicol Stolar-Peterson
(Of Therapy Court Prep)

This court policy and stipulation can literally be copy & pasted into your clinician packet! Does your practice have a court policy? Because you need one! Why?

  • So you can charge for your appearance in court

  • So you can be clear on whether or not you provide court-related letters or testimony

  • So you can be reimbursed for your time

  • So you don’t end up on call, have to cancel clients and lose business!

  • 2.0 Additional sections added specifically for couples therapists and minor’s therapists to specifically deal with requests for consent, records & court involvement.

This policy will help you CYA! Regular price: $45.


Stress-Free Court Prep Handbook
By Nicol Stolar-Peterson

(Of Therapy Court Prep)

This handbook will prepare you for subpoenas. You will learn simple techniques that will help you feel prepared, ready & confident! You will learn:

  • What to expect when testifying

  • What to write in a court letter

  • Pre-set responses when an attorney tries to trap you. Tips that will keep attorneys on their toes

  • How to identify landmines, slow down the speed of the questioning

  • Feel more confident and in control

Regular price: $65.


 G-Suite For Therapists
With Gordon Brewer
(Of The Practice Of Therapy Podcast)

The tools available in Google G-Suite can go a long way in helping you organize your private practice and all those administrative functions. You can set things up to keep your client records safe and HIPAA secure. You can also streamline your documentation and progress note writing to get it done quickly and efficiently.

If you are just starting out in private practice, G-Suite will help you keep your costs down while working on a "shoestring budget". Regular Price: $127.

From Dr. Kate Campbell & Katie Lemieux, LMFT
(Of The Private Practice Startup)

Having the proper paperwork is essential to avoid legal issues. Knowing you need legal and ethical paperwork is overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive! We’re clinicians, not lawyers. Kate and Katie have spent over 100+ hours studying the laws, rules and ethics and paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees so you don’t have to.

In the Private Practice Paperwork Peak Package, you’ll get 80+ pages (that’s more than 20 forms) of legal and ethical forms saving you the most money, giving you peace of mind, and setting you up for lasting success! Grab your customizable, attorney approved private practice forms and be sure to use PROMO CODE SAVE80 to get $80 off your PEAK PACKAGE purchase!! Regular price: $511.

  1. Assignments of Insurance Benefits

  2.  Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information Forms (Child and Adult Forms)

  3. Collection Letter

  4. Consent, Policies & Agreement for Insurance and Self-Pay Practices

  5. Discharge/Termination Summary

  6. Documentation/Communication Form

  7. Email Confidentiality Form Template

  8. Group Counseling Consent

  9. HIPAA 

  10. Letter of Progress

  11. Media Consent Form

  12. Mental Status Exam and Diagnosis Form

  13. Process/Progress Note Template

  14. Psychological Evaluation & Testing Consent

  15. Release of Information

  16. Sliding Scale Agreement 

  17. Substance Abuse Intake Assessment

  18. Suicide Risk Assessment & Client Treatment Compliance Agreement 

  19. Superbill Template

  20. Technology Assisted Counseling Consent

  21. Treatment Plan

  22. Welcome Letter


Need Only A Portion Of Those Forms?

No problem! Check out Kate & Katie’s Private Practice Paperwork Base Package which includes 40+ pages and 10+forms! Be sure to use PROMO CODE SAVE40 to get $40 off your BASE PACKAGE purchase!! Regular price: $299.

  1. Assignments of Insurance Benefits

  2.  Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information Forms (Child and Adult Forms)

  3. Consent, Policies & Agreement for Insurance and Self-Pay Practices

  4. Discharge/Termination Summary

  5. Documentation/Communication Form

  6. HIPAA 

  7. Mental Status Exam and Diagnosis Form

  8. Process/Progress Note Template

  9. Release of Information

  10. Treatment Plan

  11. Welcome Letter


Don’t see what you need here, let’s chat! I’m here! I’m happy to try to point you in the right direction!

*Please know that the links on this page are affiliate links and may redirect you to a third party website.  This means, while it is NO extra cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you use the link provided to purchase or register for the goods or services highlighted.  Rest assured, any goods or services I recommend is because I have found them to be useful (of course I cannot guarantee results; past or future).  Please, never purchase goods or services unless you feel like it’s a good fit for you and your goals! If you have a favorite resource, 
I’d love to hear about it!!

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