You are wonderfully unique as a clinician, so too is your private practice! 

We are also everything from the secretary to the CEO.…but our training neglects to educate us on how to be a BUSINESS OWNER. You’re wise to embark on filling this knowledge gap for yourself (spoiler alert:  which will also build your confidence in the business of your private practice)! 

As a licensed clinician, MBA & business coach, I help people just like YOU grow their clientele, plan their business and stand out in a sea of providers!

Whether you're concerned about a caseload that’s too light, cultivating and growing your referral network, targeting your ideal client, scaling your practice or all of the above (and so much more) - I can help you! 

Grad school doesn’t teach you how to create actionable business steps to grow/manage a flourishing practice…You are obviously one smart cookie, and you’re aware of this too – or why would you be here, reading this right now?! 

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Three Targeted Stages Will get you pRIMED!!

You’ve paid for your education, licensure and certifications. Now it’s time to earn that money back!! Within each of these three targeted stages, you will learn the most important AND impactful business components to build, grow and sustain your private practice.

During each stage, we will work one-on-one for five (5) consecutive weeks based on where you are now, your core values, your dreams and your goals. We will work together to PRIME you, your practice and those you serve to flourish!


Leverage the energy and momentum we’ll create together and invest in the whole Power Pack Trio, including all three targeted stages (total of 15 weeks) for a package rate of $3,795!

  • Establish fundamental business knowledge/skills

  • Increase number of ideal clients

  • Build referral networks

  • Develop practice framework for fee setting, branding, marketing and business planning

  • Set goals and identify your roadblocks

  • Deep-dive on branding and marketing plans

  • Business roadmap planning

  • Grow referral networks

  • Fee/insurance panel change strategies

  • Changing business models

  • Monitor/measure results and identify your roadblocks

  • Optimize operational efficiencies

  • Brand refreshment and realignment

  • Nurture referral networks

  • Up-cycle marketing strategy

  • Re-energize vision and business roadmap

  • Monitor/measure results and identify your roadblocks


What you’ll get…

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  • Coaching & collaboration with Michelle Hardman, MBA, MEd, NCC, LPC:

    • One-on-one working sessions, tailored to you!

    • Full, 60 minute sessions

    • Five (5) consecutive weeks

  • Synchronous Synergies Sessions: A biweekly “community” hour in which Michelle will be live, on-line (via Zoom) and available for those currently working through this process. Meet others working on similar goals, collaborate, share and grow together!

  • Action & Accountability Partner: Since we’ll be meeting regularly, there will be expectations of work being completed in between sessions. Let’s accelerate the process, streamline the work and get you PRIMED!!

  • Materials, worksheets and working documents included along the way!

Still thinking? Bring me a question during a FREE 15 minute call. Let’s Spend some time “chewing on it” and then we can explore if working together is a good fit!