Nov 04, 2021

Fear is a primary human emotion, and it’s going to show up as you build your business and grow your private practice. You may have heard advice about not succumbing to fear, being “fearless,” or even fighting it, but I’d encourage you to try a different approach: make friends with it. Starting or growing a private practice means that each day will be full of calculated risks, new challenges, and opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone. But it is possible to leverage the inevitable fears that arise so that your fear is serving you, instead of the other way around. Here’s how: 

  • Get to know your fear. This is a tricky emotion, and sometimes it disguises itself as anger or self-doubt. When you feel resistance to some aspect of your business, like making a call to a potential client or referral source, pay attention to how that resistance manifests. Expressions like “I’m just too tired,” “That’s a terrible idea,” or “I could never do that!” are often just your fear talking. So, say hello to your fear. Shake its hand. Thank it for trying to protect you. Then make the call anyway. Once you can see through the many disguises fear wears in your life, it becomes less powerful.
  • Respond to well-founded fears by empowering yourself. If finances and taxes freak you out, invest in a trusted accountant or coach (I highly recommend Linzy Bonham over at Money Nuts & Bolts, Inc.) who will walk you through managing those details on your own. Worried about how you’ll get new clients? Reach out to busy colleagues who can share their tips or engage with a coach who can help you design your own approach! Can’t get a handle on social media? Take your college-age niece out to dinner and get the low-down. Hire a seasoned virtual assistant who can help! Search your area for support groups for women entrepreneurs, attend networking meet-ups, and join Facebook groups for people starting businesses like your own. Trust me, once you start looking, you’ll be shocked by how many resources are available to help you get through the fear and on to growing your private practice.
  • Recognize that gaining confidence doesn’t mean you’ll stop feeling afraid. It was Eleanor Roosevelt who offered this wonderful advice: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Such a practice invites excitement and exhilaration into your life, certainly. But even more importantly, it teaches you to persevere in the face of fear. The idea isn’t to conquer fear but to trust that you can act with grace and intelligence in the face of it. Invite fear along for the ride but don’t let him/her drive!
  • Get some perspective on your fears. When you’re starting something new, some fears are grounded in a lack of experience. In that case, you can empower yourself by filling in the necessary knowledge gap. Work with a coach who can help you sift through everything with an expert, outside perspective.  Many of your fears may be grounded in a lack of confidence. When that’s the case, check your evidence. Talk to a trusted colleague about what they see going well for you in your practice. Use a tool, like The Primed Planner, that helps you to track your weekly and monthly successes. When you’re feeling fearful, reflect back on that data. You’ll see what you still need to work on, but you’ll also see how far you’ve come. 

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