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Empowering amazing clinicians to be confident business owners.

How can I help you?

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It is my mission to empower amazing clinicians just like you with the knowledge and tools that can transform the fear and bewilderment into confidence! 


If you have ever felt dread, confusion or a knotted stomach due the “business” parts of private practice life, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  As a clinician and owner of a private practice myself, I know first-hand how overwhelming and scary it can be.

Having a vibrant, fulfilling private practice is about more than just the clients we work with hour by hour.  It includes being a competent business owner (yes, YOU are a business owner)! You’ve completed vigorous training to become a clinician, yet there is all-too-often a gaping void…all those business-y parts!! You deserve to be as confident in your business acumen as you are in your clinical skills!  Invest in yourself and the gift of having BOTH – you’re sure to have a truly vibrant and thriving private practice!

From one-on-one coaching to training and productivity tools, we’re here to help you create, grow and flourish in your practice!!

You are here now.  No more delaying…Let’s get started today!!

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1:1 coaching, tailored to your goals.

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Online and in-person training events.

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Productivity Tools

Engaging tools to keep you PRIMED.

Be sure to connect with The Primed Practice, as there are always new, fun tools and training on their way!