“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”
- Elizabeth Gilbert


Hi! I'm Michelle Hardman, MBA, MEd, NCC, LPC, Creator & Owner of The Primed Practice.

When I began my private practice I wasn’t even fully licensed yet. I can easily recall that fear as I stepped into the next chapter of my life!  Still, in spite of the fear, I moved towards my dream. And even as an LPCA, I quickly gained momentum in building my brand (AKA: getting clear on my own values and understanding my ideal clients’ needs) and referral networks (AKA: building relationships).  Within 6-months of establishing my practice my schedule was nearly full! (I didn’t realize how much my 15+ years in corporate human resources leadership combined with my MBA would help me!)  As many of my colleagues witnessed this quick and sustainable growth, they began to open up to me about their own fears about their business not being where they had hoped.  As I listened, I also began getting lots of questions about what my “secret sauce” was. Here’s a small sample of the worries I would (and still) often hear:

  • “How in the world am I going to get more clients?”

  • “I’m not good at selling myself.”

  • “I hate the business part…I just want to help people.”

  • “I’m not a numbers person. I don’t spend a lot of time on them.”

  • “I don’t need a business plan, I need more clients!!”

  • “I feel guilty about setting/changing my rates.”

The truth is, there’s no secret sauce! I came into the private practice arena with a different “tool kit,” thanks to my previous life in corporate human resources leadership and my MBA in strategic management. It quickly became evident that I was PRIMED to be a unique resource to coach and encourage my fellow colleagues through my distinctive combination of expertise and experience, fused with my passion for our field. About a year after opening my private practice, I began coaching other clinicians on the “not-so-clinical-side” of private practice.  In subsequent years, and truly exploring the fire in my heart about empowering clinicians through building confidence in their business acumen, The Primed Practice was born!  Now, I’d love to help you get PRIMED in the business of your practice too!

Let’s cultivate courage together and get to business!