I Get It! That Is Exactly Why I Am Sharing This Resource With You…

I’m so excited to tell you about

The Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd, PLLC,

as Autumn and her team have been an excellent and trusted legal resource for me! I have used many of these resources myself and can tell you first hand they’ve been huge time and money savers for me and my practice!!

Autumn has put together invaluable contract templates that will protect you,
your business and your podcast:

  • Customizable templates for:

    • Independent contractor contract

    • Website terms of use for online courses & membership sites

    • Website disclaimer language

    • Website privacy policy for US businesses

    • Digital products terms of use

    • Podcast guest agreement

    • Event/activity liability waiver

    • Retreat participant agreement

    • Affiliate/referral program agreement

    If you coach and/or consult:

    • Client contract template

    • Professional client proposal template

    …And MORE!!


Legal Roadmap®️ Podcast:

If you’re just curious in general legal topics for small business and online business owners, be sure to check out Autumn’s super informative podcast. She takes the legal “stuff” that applies to all of us and makes it interesting!!

I’m so happy that you are taking the time to invest in YOURSELF and YOUR FUTURE…You and your practice are worth it!! 

Don’t see what you need here, let’s chat! I’m here! I’m happy to try to point you in the right direction!

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