Does your private practice (or the dream of starting one) leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stuck? 

 At The Primed Practice, my passion is empowering amazing clinicians like you to be confident business owners. I do this through a values-based approach to business that includes expanded awareness, increased business knowledge, and actionable plans that fit your unique practice!

You deserve to feel confident in all aspects of your business – not just the clinical side.

As a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, I’m skilled at helping you move from paralyzed indecision to confident action.

How do I start a private practice

Have high hopes but it's just not happening how you envisioned.

Don't know how to market a private practice

Know you've got a lot to offer, but feel  unsure  of what to do next or failing.

Should I invest in coaching to start a private practice

Feel ready to grow your practice, but dread investing in support & guidance.

It's time to acknowledge the roadblocks, create an action plan and start doing I'm here to help you.

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This is the premier therapist planner! The Primed Planner™οΈ is sure to keep your private practice vision, goals and all the "business-y" parts moving forward.

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Planners & Printables

“A goal without a plan is
just a wish.”

With the right tools, you can prime your motivation, start planning your path and break down the action items to build your dream practice! 

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Taking action,
DIY style!

Elevate your marketing skills (lose the schmooze), slay your goals and transform your mindset to create momentum with a self-paced course.

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Custom 1:1 Coaching

Stop staying

Your practice deserves the same focused attention that you provide your clients!  I'll guide you in creating a customized action plan to level-up your practice! 

Tell me more!

Hi, I’m Michelle – clinician, private practice owner, MBA, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, marketing junkie, and planner aficionado!

My superpower is taking the fear and overwhelm out of the business-side of private practice. I help clinicians get unstuck and start growing! 

Grad school taught you the clinical skills you need to help your clients, but not the foundational skills you need to grow your business. That’s where I come in!

I’m a bit of a unicorn in the therapy world, thanks to my MBA and the years of HR experience I gained before starting my therapy career. Let me share my magic with you!


Michelle is an amazing coach - she has taken me from a solo practitioner to CEO of my group practice. I highly recommend her!


“Michelle’s services are informed, practical, and immediately applicable to help me get my practice on a track that is unique to my needs and desires. Her personal attention cuts through a lot of jargon and noise to help me identify exactly what I need, for where I am, and where I want to go. So worth the investment!”


“The Primed Planner helps me to keep my professional goals and self care in the forefront of my mind. It is an amazing planner for therapists!”


“I highly recommend Michelle and The Primed Practice to help clinicians with the challenging work of building and maintaining a private practice while managing a full caseload of clients. With an MBA, experience in the corporate world and an LPC and owner of a thriving private practice, she gets it! 

Tried all the free tools?
Overwhelmed by all the options?

I hear you! It’s hard to do all the things on your own.

That’s why I’ve curated the most popular and up-to-date resources for you in one handy spot!

⬇ ⬇  ⬇

Your Referral Network Hiding in Plain Sight!

Stop wasting your energy and money on expensive marketing!! Instead, create relationships with ideal providers who will send your dream clients directly to you!  Marketing is based on RELATIONSHIPS and in this course you'll learn how to grow an AWESOME referral network with the information & contacts you already have!!

Come learn how to build a strong, strategic referral network so you can FILL your practice with dream clients without all the  angst and expense!!  This course is for YOU!! πŸ’•


Marketing Mojo:
How to get out of your own way!

Grad school teaches us a lot, but it certainly doesn’t touch on marketing skills. How are you supposed to build a practice without any marketing knowledge?

I’ve put my 15+ years of business experience (and my handy MBA focused on strategic management) to work for you in this course. 

Learn how to make your marketing move & build for the private practice you know you deserve.


The Primed Planner™ 

Running your private practice requires marketing, networking, business planning, and your own self-care – not to mention your personal and social life! That’s why The Primed Planner™ is the go-to therapist planner

This premier tool helps you stay focused on your vision, taking action on your goals and keeps you organized! 

This tool was designed to help you turn your dream practice into your reality! This planner wasn’t created for just anyone… it was created for you.  

Your Passion + Plans = PROFIT$!

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Posse | pos·se |/ˈpäsΔ“/: a group of people who have a common characteristic, occupation, or purpose.

A FREE and private Facebook group for all of us planner junkies 🀩  who are loving (most days), growing and balancing the private practice life! 

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Collaborate, learn, share: 


Stop being BUSY and get PRODUCTIVE slaying your goals!! 

Join us for learning tips, tricks & sharing. Stay for the fun, encouragement and wisdom coming from like-minded individuals who share your passion for planning AND private practice!! πŸ’•

You started your private practice because of a deep passion. Don't let stuck happen now!! Come join us and make it happen. βœ…

See you on the inside, my friend!!

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The Planner Posse Membership is an action-oriented community for anyone looking for a lil’ motivation, encouragement, and direction.


What’s Inside

  • Support to set actionable goals

  • Tools to help you stay motivated and on-track

  • LIVE Monthly group Goal Guidance with The Primed Planner creator & Certified Daring Way Facilitator Michelle

  • Connection and community with like-minded, goal-oriented colleagues


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You’re not successful by accident.

You put in a lot of intentional training, education, and work to get where you are.

But you’re ready for more.

Your goals matter. 

Turn dreams into action and goals into reality! 

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